Divercity Helles Lager

Divercity Helles Lager

Divercity Helles Lager is brewed using a traditional step-mash and then properly lagered for a full month. It is medium bodied with a dry finish with subtle nuances that separate it from your standard lager and pairs well with stir-fry shrimp, savory pasta, and sausages. Divercity is our beer from Toronto for everyone.

Style: Helles Lager
ABV: 5%

Format: Case/30/58.6L Keg
Licensee Price (excl. HST & Deposit): $60/$134.95/$256.95
Licensee Availability: Year Round

Retail Price: $3.15
Retail Availability: Year Round
Retail SKU: 549865
Retail DC: 0179

Article #: 0394161

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