Fresh Cucumber Mint Radler

Fresh Cucumber Mint Radler

Fresh Cucumber Mint Radler was developed with author and founder of Fresh Restaurants, Ruth Tal. Leveraging Ruth’s strong expertise in natural juices, we blend our award winning lagered ale with a splash of lime juice and natural cucumber and mint flavours; not overly sweet compared to traditional Radlers.

Style: Radler
ABV: 2.5%

Format: Case/30L Keg
Licensee Price (excl. HST & Deposit): $65/$144.95
Licensee Availability: Spring/Summer

Retail Price: $3.35
Retail Availability: Spring/Summer
Retail SKU: 20228
Retail DC: 0179

Article #: N/A

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Ozz Baker
+1 647 502 2537

Corrine Nicholls
+1 905 912 1590

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