Skyline Brut IPA

Skyline Brut IPA

Skyline is a Brut IPA brewed with champagne yeast. Sessionable and dry compared to traditional IPA’s, Skyline offers full bodied taste without heavy bitterness. Skyline pairs well with sharp cheeses, hearty meats, and spiced desserts.

Style: Brut IPA
ABV: 6.2%

Format: Case/30L Keg
Licensee Price (excl. HST & Deposit): $60/$139.95
Licensee Availability: Year Round

Retail Price: $3.25
Retail Availability: Year Round
Retail SKU: 16883
Retail DC: 0179

Article #: N/A

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Ozz Baker
+1 647 502 2537

Corrine Nicholls
+1 905 912 1590

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